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Our counseling services include:

Causes of Sexual Misconduct

At NHCSC we teach you techniques to deal with feelings such as stress, anger, shame, embarrassment, etc. You learn how cope with and effectively communicate your feelings. Individual will to learn to understand how and why they found themselves in this state of affairs.

Learning the definition of sexual harassment and the type of behavior that a person can experience are the keys to prevention. However, only responsible behaviors that can help avoid the conditions that lead to inappropriate behavior. This including respecting an individual's rights, practicing empathy, workplace civility, responsible internet and email usage, and being aware of how we treat each other with respects to our individual needs.

For people who have had these experiences, they often wonder if they are damaged or broken in any way. People worry that others will reject them or blame them for what happened. The reality is a complex and painful experience which requires a combination of counseling, family and friends to response to your needs and not be in judgment. These experiences changes a person's life in many ways, including feelings of fear, anxiety, rage, depression, self-blame and guilt that causes thoughts that are contradictory and confusing, and normal concentration difficult.

The people involved are - family members, friends, acquaintances, and co-workers who use trust or their authority to manipulate others.

The abused and the abuser can be anyone regardless of age, race, gender, class status, sexual orientation, ability, religion, or physical appearance. There are things that we can do to reduce the risks of experiencing these situations, but the only person who can stop it completely are those involved.

This includes harassment, incest, stranger assault, and acquaintance rape, the use of physical force; coercion or verbal manipulation (grooming); verbal and/or visual harassment, and the use of drugs or alcohol to facilitate an assault.

Anyone who causes or encounters nonconsensual, forced or coerced sexual circumstance is experiencing sexual misconduct. This is when the people involved are incapable of giving consent because of her/his temporary or permanent mental or physical incapacity or because of her/his emotional feeling, current needs, or inexperience to recognize what is occurring.