Abusers have the lowest rate of recidivism of all the crime categories

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Victims abuse by strangers


Victims who

knew their abuser

Sexual Misconduct

Our program is aimed at reducing denial and minimization of sexual circumstances that our clients have experienced, encouraging clients to take responsibility for their choices, building empathy, and understand why bad things happened to good people.

We provide a comfortable environment where clients can feel at ease being confronted about their personal, social, and sexual situations. Through the group process, clients become aware of the immediate and delayed consequences of the abnormal sexual circumstance that they encountered. They learn to develop healthy problem solving strategies with which to implement adaptive coping responses. Within the setting of the group, interpersonal problems are resolved through the practice of conflict resolution skills that are reinforced each session to relate abstract treatment concepts to concrete, real-life situations.

The counseling sessions are available for individuals and groups. We focus on the self-control, behavioral patterns, recognition of events that trigger behavioral actions and responses, and sexual cycles that affect how you relate to family, friends, co-workers and the community.

New Hope Community Service Center provides counseling for sexual harassment and abuse,for victims, their abusers and those affected by their actions. Our services are designed to examine, inform and guide an effective response to a range of sexually related concerns including clinical, systemic and ethical issues that can arise within anyone.

Our facilities were established to implement behavioral changes in an effective, efficient and informed clinical setting and to determine risk management responses that addresses the multidimensional challenges that poor sexual conduct present.