Something to Think About . . .

              To achieve our goals we have diverse partnerships. New Hope Community Service Center (NHCSC) partners with Illinois Department of Children and Family Services to provide family and individual counseling. The Department of Human Services helped NHCSC to implement a youth delinquency program. The City of Chicago helped us develop the Youth Connection program.

        Today we work with other Human Services Organizations including but not limited to the Southside Drug Free Community Coalition, Chicago Department of Human Services, Daley Community College, Ford City Shopping Center, and Chicago Public Schools.

       Additional agencies we partnered with includes: Juvenile Probation, Illinois Department of Public Aid, Circuit Court of Cook County, DASA, ATR, Illinois Department of Corrections, The Department of Justice, and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. e person, who believes in who you are, not what you perceive others want you to be or they want you to be.

Our Partners