The hearts, souls, and minds of these communities are affected by all this negativity. They shout to tell someone, anyone, "these senseless acts need to stops." Life is about growing, becoming in tune with oneself, maintaining a sense of integrity and dignity, being part of a community, not the selfishness, conceited, and self-destructive people that tear apart the communities around us.

        Don't give in to being part of the "in crowd". You don't need to impress other by using guns, drugs, violence, alcohol, or sex. Learn more about what we do to help you serve yourself. We provide uniqueness to these community by providing comprehensive services needed to encourage individual independency, a sense of hope for all, to be proud, positive, confident, and a productive person, who believes in who you are, not what you perceive others want you to be or they want you to be.

Something to Think About . . .

The Communities we Serve

       Our primary area of outreach is Archer Heights, Ashburn, Auburn Gresham, Brighten Park, Chicago Lawn, Clearing, Englewood, Gage Park, Garfield Ridge, New City, West Elsdon, West Englewood, and West Lawn.

       These thirteen communities are home to approximately 500,000 city residents; however, the Englewood and West Englewood are two of Chicago's 29 communities with significant reports of more incidents of violence, domestic abuse, substance abuse, etc. Yet there are hardly any domestic violence shelters and counseling/advocacy sites in or near this area. Englewood and Gresham have seen violence surface in homicides where our children are killed from conflicts that flare up between gangs. These senseless acts of violence produce a hopelessness from the lack of ability to solve disagreements in a normal and responsible manner.