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Domestic Violence Awareness Workshops
Gain knowledge and understanding of domestic violence laws, reporting incidents of abuse, obtaining order of protections, personal rights and community resources offered to those who have experienced abuse in their relationships.

Life Skill Development Classes
The knowledge gained from the understanding of life on life terms; the importance of self-help groups, sponsorship, employment, education, computer skills, and basic rules on life term issues.

Intensive Parenting Classes
Gain knowledge and understanding of children's needs, what parental resilience is, and having a positive environment for their children. Having supportive services in place at time of need ensures positive child development.
Anger Management Classes
Gain knowledge and understanding of anger management issues, understanding who can change, understanding how not to fix, manage and control situations. Understanding triggers and discussing situations that can cause anger and anger management groups.

Relapse Prevention
Gain knowledge and understanding on the principles of alcohol and substance setback prevention measures, identifying triggers to prevent alcohol and substance relapse, recognizing and understanding the importance of sponsorship and recovery self-help groups.

Positive Relationship Development Classes
Our positive relationship development classes allow participants the opportunity to define themselves and the role they play in relationships. These classes define the roles, responsibility and respect of each partner without abuse. The classes on relationships educate and develop awareness by explaining what the relationships are and why we develop them.

Supportive Services

Domestic Violence Counseling

New Hope currently staffs personal with domestic violence certifications through the Batterer Women Network. Accomplishments include: providing domestic violence services to victims since 1996; assisting victims of domestic violence with education, support groups, legal and advocacy referrals; housing and employment which establish independence and self-confidence which decrease the chances of relapse among our victims.

Domestic violence is a pattern of physical, sexual, and/or psychological abuse, threats, intimidation, isolation or economic coercion used by one person to exert power and control over another person in the context of a dating, family or household relationship.