At NHCSC we practice counseling that encompasses culturally-sensitive practices include people of all ages and backgrounds in both individual and group settings to better equipment our client to understand normal developmental issues and the problems associated with their physical, emotional well-being and increase their ability to function better (around family, friends, co-workers and anyone that a person needs to interact with) in life.
Some common issues that bring problems to people are: depression, unhealthy relationships, addictions, stress, anger, work place issues, anxiety, loneliness, seclusion, grief and loss. Our facilitates assist in personal and interpersonal functioning across the frontier of emotional, social, vocational, educational, health, growth, change, and physical and mental concerns.
NHCSC provide community-based Services that focus on preventive activities designed to alleviate stress and promote competencies and positive behaviors. We increase the ability to nurture individuals and families by using resources and abilities to contribute to their own well-being and that of their communities. We also concentrate on decrease negative behaviors through psychological counseling for each individual's specific needs.

Something to Think About . . .

Everyone has a range of normal, healthy emotions, we help you to focus on the good, identify the unhealthy and cope with complex balances of each. Conflicts arise when we can no longer balance or accept difficult circumstances that lead us to avoid confronting our difficulties. This avoidance leads to mistrust, poor communication, anger, drugs, and frequently to physical violence.
New Hope Community Service Center (NHCSC) prides itself on the counseling services to individuals and families who are experiencing problems or need help  navigating change. For life is full of ups and downs; at every moment in our lives we face changes and challenges. Stop seeing in your mind the dark side of life. Stop continuing to live the same way, thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same feelings, and making the same choices. Contemplate what all there is to gain from change! Remember, in everyone there is something precious, found in no one else; what is hidden within him -he alone has, and none of his fellows. However, there are times people need help navigating through the ups and downs.

Individual & Group Counseling