In fact, assessments are part of an ongoing decision-making process that examines information on substance abuse and criminal history, motivation for treatment, educational and employment factors, and other problem areas. Information gathered during an assessment is used to develop a treatment plan that will be updated over time to reflect participant progress, significant life events (e.g., relapse, changes in living arrangements), and changing service needs.
The assessment process is the development statements of where you're at physically, mentally and the impact you're having on the people who care about you. These are known as statements of past behavior, expected outcomes and intended client needs. An assessment plan that includes: 1) the selection designed to determine your knowledge of drugs. 2) Determining the level of care; 3) examining your emotional behavior and cognitive abilities; and 4) Readiness to change.
New Hope Community Service Center designed our programs to assist individuals who have a drug, alcohol or substance abuse addictions. Since 1992, our counselors have helped thousands of people overcome their addictions. Our mission is to help the individual reclaim all aspects of a balanced life by empowering them to make healthy decisions without the use of alcohol, drugs, other addictive substances, and to become a force of change in their communities.

The Assessment process is a systematic collection, review and use of information about your current circumstance and what you will need to know, understand, and learn. Assessment focuses on what you know,  what you are able to do, and what values you need to accomplish. Our Assessments are concerned with the collective impact of a client's ability to
 change their thinking, knowledge, and way of life. One major purpose of assessment is to inform.The results from an assessment process should provide information that can be used to determine whether or not the intended outcomes will be and can be achieved. An assessment process can also be used to inform staff and other decision-makers about relevant issues that can impact how our clients learn, to support successes and strengths and your failures.

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Assessment and Evaluations

Are you facing legal challenges due to alcohol or drug use or perhaps consequences at work or school? Sorting through what needs to be done when facing potentially serious consequences can be overwhelming and stressful. Typically alcohol and drug assessments are requested by lawyers, the courts, employers, schools, or family members. Usually something has happened, an accident, a legal charge, poor performance, or changes in behavior, that have prompted someone to express concerns about your alcohol and/or drug use. An alcohol and drug assessment explores what you have been using, how much and how often, under what circumstances, and how it has impacted areas of your life